Autodesk Impression R1

1 04 2008

Autodesk Impression R1 – 151MB

Impress your colleagues and clients with compelling presentation-ready graphics created directly from your DWG™ and DWF™ files. Autodesk® Impression software is easy to use, saves you time, and recognizes data from your CAD files.
Generate Great-Looking Images—Fast

Presentation graphics are about winning business. Your images have to sell your projects. With Impression you can create great images quickly.


*Easily apply graphical styles to your CAD files.
*Use prebuilt styles or customized styles that you create—from pencil styles to watercolor fills.

CAD Compatible

Because Impression understands CAD data, the illustration process is much faster than with general-purpose graphics applications.

*Open any DWG or DWF file in Impression.
*Impression recognizes blocks, layers, hatches and other CAD-specific data.

Easy to Learn and Use

Impression is designed so that anyone in the office can learn the application in minutes and can get great results right away.

*Create compelling graphics quickly with built-in learning resources.
*Intuitive user interface.

Quickly Create Multiple Design Iterations

Quickly update your presentation graphics when designs change or apply your signature style to all the drawings that you produce. Save time by saving and reusing your styles and blocks.

Integrate Into Existing Workflow

Impression fits easily into your existing workflow and is interoperable with many popular graphics applications.

Please read NFO file first, for installation


Download: (Size: 151 MB)


rapidshare part 1
rapidshare part 2




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