BricsCad Pro v8.1.19

6 04 2008

BricsCad Pro v8.1.19 – 65 MB

Bricscad V8™ – based on IntelliCAD – is the latest version of Bricsys’ DWG compatible CAD product.
Bricscad V8 is not just another update, but the next-generation Bricscad. It signifies the crucial step towards free choice in DWG CAD.

Bricscad V8 is based on top-notch behind-the-scenes technology and compatibility. The Bricscad kernel has been rewritten from scratch. This way, Bricsys created the base for continued, rapid and solid development.

The new graphical user interface of Bricscad V8 has been redesigned completely. It is much more than just a few fresh new icons and dialog boxes. Some major parts have been completely redesigned. A new Drawing Explorer and new Properties Bar offer intuitive management of Bricscad DWG files. A new Settings Manager offers a consolidated overview of all system variables and settings, a difficult-to-master section of the DWG-world. You’ll wonder why it hasn’t been like this before.


Exchange drawings with AutoCAD users and run your existing AutoLISP productivity tools.

Easy to use
Anybody who is familiar with AutoCAD can immediately use Bricscad without any training.

Because of its reasonable price, you can now afford to give everyone in your organization a tool to view and edit AutoCAD drawings.

Bricscad V8’s development environments have been totally reworked and extended, which results in unrivalled DWG compatibility!


Download: (Size: 65 MB)






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