BitCAD IntelliCAD v6.4.23.1

28 03 2008

BitCAD IntelliCAD v6.4.23.1
BitCAD IntelliCAD The intelligent alternative in CAD

BitCAD IntelliCAD uses the ITC (Intellicad Technology Consortium) engine and the DWG format as its native format. It allows you to display and edit Autocad® files, AutoLISP, ADS and DCL routines.

BitCAD IntelliCAD is a member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (Portland – Oregon – USA) and works as part of the team in charge to improve the platform. IntelliCAd is a global consortium that ensures compatibility with the DWG format.

BitCAD IntelliCAD is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to display, modify and create AutoCAD® drawings: all for only 315€

BitCAD IntelliCAD is the product of the experience of the human team at Bricsnet in the development, marketing, customer support and CAD software training in the Spanish market over several years.

Our technical team develops BitCAD IntelliCAD to meet the software needs of the AEC global market update it along the line of our end-users’ suggestions.

At BitCAD IntelliCAD we provide customer support by phone or via e-mail in English, Italian, French, Rumanian and Spanish to ensure that you get an answer right away. BitCAD IntelliCAD uses the ITC (Intellicad Technology Consortium) engine and at the same time, we are a member of the Consortium.

BitCAD IntelliCAD is the only IntelliCAD product that guarantees you a software with Customer Support by phone or via e-mail in English, Italian, French, Rumanian and Spanish, and that undertakes to adapt our software to the needs of the global AEC market.

BitCAD IntelliCAD uses the DWG format as its native format. It allows you to display and edit Autocad® files from the 2.5 version up to the 2007 version. BitCAD IntelliCAD has a high degree of compatibility with Autocad® commands, AutoLISP, ADS, and DCL routines. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Windows and includes several unique production functions such as the possibility of opening multiple drawings at the same time, and of displaying and editing raster images.

BitCAD IntelliCAD is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to display, modify or create Autocad® drawings while paying up to ten times less.


Autocad® Compatible
BitCAD IntelliCAD allows you to read, write and display DWG files from Autocad® 2.5 to Autocad® 2007 with no need for conversion. Drawings are created natively in DWG format, can be shared between BitCAD IntelliCAD and Autocad®; complete reliability warranted by our customers.

Network License
BitCAD IntelliCAD allows work in stand-alones and networks. It ensures that companies will have control over licenses and license optimization.

Command line
Most CAD professionals have spent so many years using and learning Autocad® commands that they do it naturally. Since those commands serve to create most of the work in CAD, BitCAD IntelliCAD assigns equivalents for them automatically.

It is very easy to transfer personalized Autocad® environments to BitCAD IntelliCAD. BitCAD IntelliCAD works perfectly with symbol libraries, fonts (SHX) that typically form part of ADS programs and AutoLISP routines.

AutoLISP and ADS
BitCAD IntelliCAD allows you to take advantage of the investment you made by developing AutoLISP routines to amortize and improve Autocad® functionality. This is an important feature, considering that there are thousands of those routines in private AutoLISP libraries and on the market in the shape of shared software. BitCAD IntelliCAD executes most of the AutoLISP routines automatically. Existing ADS (Autocad Development Systems) routines, including DCL (Dialogue Control Language) can be executed after a prior compilation.

Like Microsoft Office program macros, BitCAD allows you to record and automate routine tasks. For instance, a file of routines can capture the names of BitCAD IntelliCAD commands, the options and coordinates used in a specific task, saving valuable design time. BitCAD IntelliCAD also reads SCR files (macros) created in Autocad®.

Raster image support included in BitCAD IntelliCAD let users load, manage and edit graphics files like pictures, scanned drawings and maps so they can be inserted in drawings. BitCAD IntelliCAD provide some useful utilities for image manipulation like color, grey scale and monochromatic corrections.

Object Trime
Object trimming allows you to hide parts of a drawing. The trimmed parts are shown in the same color as the current background, so the details behind the trimming are not shown or printed.

Customize your work environment
BitCAD IntelliCAD allows you to simply drag the icons for frequently used tools and commands and drop them where it will be easy for you to access them. A user-friendly interface will also allow you to customize the way you handle them and to import the ones you use from AutoCAD®.

You can embed objects from the paper space into the model space.

The command Print and Print Preview supports Wipeout macros.

Calls to the COM API
The COM API can be used to insert Adeko raster images.

Open and Save files
BitCAD IntelliCAD uses the new DWG direct 2.1.1 libraries.


Download: (Size: 29 MB)





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