17 03 2008


PowerCAD Pro 7 is one of the world’s best professional CAD values. Fast and easy to use, it is designed for Windows operating systems including Windows Vista and conforms to industry standard DWG and DXF files (up to R2007 format), with “Round-Trip” retention of critical drawing elements. Plus, for the price of a single AutoCAD license, you can equip about eight PowerCAD workstations. .

PowerCAD Pro 7 offers exceptional compatibility with AutoCAD, the world’s leading CAD system. PowerCAD Pro 7 has over 350 AutoCAD compatible commands that require virtually no relearning, allowing for a shared AutoCAD/PowerCAD Pro 7 workplace.

PowerCAD Pro 7 incorporates a completely open architecture design, with drag-and-drop placement of system icons making it instantly usable by AutoCAD familiar operators and all others too. PowerCAD’s visual menu, dialog, and toolbox editor allows technicians of any skill level to instantly customize the desktop for maximum user productivity.

PowerCAD Pro 7 has all of the drawing and editing commands CAD professionals expect. Advanced 2D drawing commands (i.e. trim, fillet, or chamfer) are complemented by sophisticated functions (associative dimensioning and hatching). PowerCAD Pro 7 offers industry standard 3D solid modelling by ACIS for extensive processing and creation. . Rendering and line/face hiding is based on the latest OpenGL standards, reducing the time needed to perform complex imaging tasks.

PowerCAD Pro 7 users are on the safe side due to our DWG/DXF recover of damaged drawings.

PowerCAD Pro 7 includes an Advanced Programming Interface (API), supporting system customization using Lisp, Visual C++, or Delphi.

Very attractive for Developers since PowerCAD Pro 7 consists of an ACIS Developer Interface for LISP and C/C++

PowerCAD allows quick and painless “porting” of existing code written in AutoLISP, ADS or script files. Menus, dialog boxes, and palettes created for AutoCAD use are automatically converted, saving end users thousands of euros per license for each CAD system purchased.


Power to Build Anything You Want
PowerCAD Pro 7 includes over 350 powerful two and three-dimensional CAD functions. It is our goal to deliver 100% of the functionality of market leader AutoCAD in as much as 90% of use cases – for less than 20% of the price.

Featuring an easy to use system structure and user selectable desktop interfaces, PowerCAD serves as the flagship for a complete line of GiveMePower products, including PowerCAD SiteMaster, PowerEngine (GDE) and PowerCAD CE – the world’s first full-powered CAD line for mobile/wireless Windows CE/XP computing devices.

Exceptional Industry Compatibility
PowerCAD Pro 7 provides an exceptional degree of compatibility with market leader AutoCAD from Autodesk, Inc. PowerCAD Pro 7 is compatible with drawings, commands, customization, and programming interfaces from AutoCAD Release 2007 and earlier.

New users will appreciate its intuitive user interface; AutoCAD familiar users will feel at home right away using the optional AutoCAD style desktop.

With direct support for DWG 2007 and DXF 2007 formats and “Round–Trip” retention of drawing elements, PowerCAD users can work side-by-side in a mixed AutoCAD/PowerCAD environment.

Amazing Value
PowerCAD Pro 7 is arguably the best professional CAD value in the world
today. Suited to general purpose two and three-dimensional design and drawing tasks of nearly any complexity, PowerCAD Pro 7 incorporates features and customization abilities found elsewhere only in programs costing nearly 8 times as much.

Go Mobile With PowerCAD CE
PowerCAD Pro 7 serves as a high-performance desktop companion for PowerCAD CE – the world’s first full-powered CAD line for mobile/wireless Windows CE/XP computing. Together, PowerCAD and PowerCAD CE yield the ultimate in portable/desktop synchronization.

Limitless Program Customization
Using PowerCAD’s visual Desktop and Menu Editor (DME2), users with no programming skills can easily modify command dialogs, pull-down menus and toolbars to suit their specific needs. Similarly, users can easily assign aliases or hot-keys to command functions to optimise productivity across their entire organization.

Custom System Extension and Application Development
PowerCAD Pro 7 is fully programmable using Lisp, Visual C++, or Delphi programming languages. By using its Application Programming Interface (API), users can quickly create productivity enhancing extensions and applications optimised for their enterprise.

Instant Productivity
Aside from it’s intuitive operational design, extensive system help is always available. System command charts are available on demand, letting even novice users get up and running right away. AutoCAD users will feel at home right away, with typical learning curves under 1 hour!

Free Access To Online Support
All PowerCAD users are welcome to visit www.graebert.com to access the free knowledge base, user forums, product update pages and extended online help that keep up to date on all the latest happenings in the GiveMePower world. Make suggestions, share information with friends, or purchase other price-performance leading GiveMePower products.

Maximize Your Profits By Joining The Power Developer Network
Commercial, Corporate and government enterprises save big by joining the Power Developer Network.

As a PDN member, you get our latest PowerEngine (GDE) Software Development System (includes PowerCAD Pro 6 and PowerCAD CE Pro) to create your own desktop and mobile solutions. Using PowerEngine, you can embed as much or as little of PowerEngine as you want into tailor-made solutions ready for resale or internal distribution.

PowerEngine (GDE) Desktop Menu Editor (DME2) and Power Developer Network (PDN) are trademarks of GiveMePower.

Here are some facts why you should upgrade to PowerCAD Pro 7.

The new features of PowerCAD Pro 7 include:

* DWG 2007/2008 Support (Commands OPEN, SAVE and SAVEAS)
* Multiple Paper space / Layouts
* Shape Entity Support (Commands SHAPE and LOAD)
* New Dimension Styles and Dialog (Command DIMSTYLE)
* New HTML based Help System (Command HELP)
* Three button sizes for toolbars (switchable palettes in
16×15, 24×24 and 32×32 pixels)
* User Specific Desktop Configuration Storage and Support of
Different Users under Windows
* DWG/DXF Recover of Damaged Drawings
* DCL Support (Dialog Control Language)
* Windows Vista Support
* ACIS Integration and 3D Solid Modeller (see new pull-down
menu 3D Solids)
* ACIS Developer Interface for LISP and C/C++
* Network Dongle Support available
* Dongle Protected Version

URL: http://www.givemepower.de/PowerCAD.html



Pass: http://www.softarchive.net




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