17 03 2008


Graphitec.Cimagraphi.v8.09 – 40694 KB

The mainstay of GraphiTech’s CAD/CAM products, Cimagraphi provides creative freedom in embossing, engraving, and milling capabilities to ensure the production of detailed and intricate 3d digitizing & designs. Cimagraphi can be used in a wide range of applications from small intricate pieces to industrial applications – with precise accuracy assured. State of the art designer and milling tools enable the freedom to produce 2D or 3D models and parts, either by embossing, engraving, or any other procedure for the artistic crafts.

* Implement innovative designs
  * Decrease turnaround time increases production potential
  * Conserve materials usually lost in manual production, to make your cad/cam procedure more profitable

Cimagraphi provides connectivity to most industry Cad-Cam standards such as: DXF, IGES, STEP, VDAFS, 3DM, STL/SLA.






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