SYSTEM Tools / EditNC v8.7

13 12 2007

An EXTREMELY powerful CNC Editor!
The NC Programmers Editor of Choice” provides for large files, multiple documents, file compare, text coloring, sequencing & formatting, smart searches, spaces, transformations, calculators, reference charts, analysis, dnc and nc backplotter.

* Multiple Document Interface
* Sequence Numbering
* Address Color Coding
* Address Math Operations
* Insert/Remove Spaces
* Dynamic search by Tool, Speed or Feed
* File Analysis
* File Compare
* Programming Calculator
* Completely NEW Backplotter!
* Context Sensitive Help
* Integrated DNC
* Optional G-Macro™ Macro Processor Plug-In
* Optional Machinist ToolBox™ Plug-In
* AFFORDABLE! Only $200.00 US

>> Edit and Review, Calculate, Analyze, Compare, Estimate, and Backplot, Communicate (DNC with Drip Feed)
>> Auxfuns (Third Party Auxilliary Functions) – dxfout (included), G-Macro for editNC ($300 optional), Machinist ToolBox ($100 optional).

Changes in Release 8.7.0
— General
Store machine preferences by extension
Info stored in file “editnc8ebo.ini” in user application directory
(e.g. “Documents and SettingsUSER1Application DataeditNC”)
File can be copied to other user directories to propagate settings.
(Configure this capability using Options-Editor-Advanced.)
(The help file contains more information. )
Changed default null character to the not ( ” ” ) symbol.
(Default was tilde (“~”))
— File menu
Search for Files capability added.
This allows searching for files based on portions of the file name,
and optionally its contents. Graphical file preview if file appears to contain a CNC program.
This is part of the Search for Files dialog.
(This function is under the Files menu.)
(The help file contains more information.)
— Backplotter
“Disregard rapids” option for “scale to show all” buttons.
— Calcs
Programming Calculator -Drill
Output dimensions now shown from both drill tip and heel.
Highest comm port is now 255


Download : (4405 KB)

Pass :




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