Free Mechanical Engineering CAD Software

11 10 2007

 2D/3D CAD Systems

Alibre A light version of their commercial software. Parametric & feature based 3D modeler, which is fairly easy to use. 2D layout & detailing is fully associative with the 3D model. Shelling & booleans are not offered in this light version, but you are able to “Save” your models. Assembly is limited to 25 components. A powerful computer with lots of RAM is recommended to run this application.
Created by Alibre Inc.

CoCreate CoCreate offers a free personal edition 3D CAD modeler. The unique feature about CoCreate is that it does not use a history based modeling philosophy.
Created by CoCreate Software Inc.

Powershape-e Free 3D CAD designer using wireframe, surface, solid & triangle modeling. Files can only be saved in their propreitary format. Will run on XP but not on Windows 2000, 95, 98, Me or NT
Created by Delcam Inc.
GraphiteOne Software is free only for personal, educational, or research use. Works only on the Linux operating system. Has both 2D drafting and 3D designing ability.
Created by GraphiteOne.

X11 A free 2D/3D CAD system without any features crippled. The “Save” function is active and is Windows based. Screenshot
Created by GrayTech Software, Inc.

Solid Edge Layout Free fully functional 2D drafting program.
Created by UGS Inc.

CADVANCE A free 2D CAD system without any features crippled. The “Save” function is active and is Windows based. This used to be a commercial system back in the early ’90 through ’95, but since the company’s latest product is now CADVANCE 2000 they are distributing this older version free of charge.@5MB . Screenshot
Created by F.I.T. Inc

CadStd The well known completely free 2D drafting package with the “Save” functional. The system is fairly simple to use and is capable of being used for most drafting work. @1MB. Screenshot
Created by John Apperson.

Rhino A well known 3D modeller, Rhino provides the tools to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing.You can “Save” your models 25 times, afterwhich the “Save” gets crippled.
Created by Robert McNeel & Associates

Concepts 2D/32 2D/3D CAD Modeler, similar to Rhino. The “Save” will probably be crippled, versions for Windows & Mac.
Created by CSI-Concepts

FelixCAD LT A free 2D CAD system, with over 300 professional 2D design and drafting functions.
Created by FelixCat GmbH

Dexter CAD The Dexterpen cad demo is a lite version of the full version. It is a light parametric 2D design software which allows you to alter dimensions using sliders to see the resulting changes in real-time.
Created by Owen F Ransen

JustCAD 2D CAD software complete with all the required tools.
Created by Jon Hoke

VectorEngineer A compact & efficient 2D CAD software, some features have been disabled in the free version, but nothing you can’t live without.
Created by Duncan Aylwin

bCAD Software tool for computer drawing, 3D modelling and realistic visualisation for engineers, designers and architects.
Created by ProPro Group, Inc

A9CAD General purpose 2D CAD program.
Created by A9 Tech Inc., Inc

Desi III A free fully functional 2D CAD program. The “Save” is working. A very professional program, and fairly easy to use. Although listed under Architecture CAD software, it can also be used for general mechanical CAD work. Good explanations have been provided for using the software. @2.5MB
Created by Hugo Marein

ProgeCAD LT A 2D CAD program with the “Save” functioning.
Created by ProgeCAD

BRL CAD The U.S army has released an old CAD system to open source, runs on Linux, Mac & Solaris.
Draft IT Good 2D drafting program. Light version of their commerical product.
Created by CAD Logic

APM Graph LV 2D parametric program. The only restriction is an absence of database that contains drawings of Russian standard details and manufactures.
Created by APM R & D.

free2Design Completely free 2D CAD program.
Created by think3.




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