The Design Process

28 09 2007
  • Research and design

This will include taking all the ideas so far and compile them into several options. Then the parts will be investigated to see if any off the shelf components will be available to create the design around. These parts would be things such as chains, belts, motors, and gears. Once a reasonable version is decided upon, the computer modeling of parts and assemblies can begin.

  • Modeling parts and assembly

Ideas are now converted to an actual model, starting with primary components, and additional components as needed to layout the design intent. This step verifies how product will store, move, and look during all the motion. When done all components will be defined and fit together.

  • Testing and analysis

Testing for failure, bending, interference between components, or other analysis will be done now (after the part dimensions and fit) to see if the part sizes and load carrying capabilities are adequate. Adjustments and optimization to the components or parts will be reflected in the models.

  • Patent drawings

TriAxial can provide patent drawings

  • Prepare computer presentation

This phase would include rendering, videos, photo realistic scenes, any type of marketing material required to show potential customers what the design would look like, without having to actually produce a physical prototype.

  • Prototype drawings

Next the preparation of actual working drawings of all components can be produced so vendors will be able to manufacture the prototype. From the drawings, quotes on each part can be requested from the vendors, and a cost for the prototype can be more accurately determined.

  • Manufacture prototype

The machinist, mold maker, etc. can now complete and assemble the prototype from the drawings. This phase typically requires meetings with vendors to optimize the design and further reduce the cost of manufacture




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